By Dr Roger John Clarkon 18 September 2018
This stuff is marvellous!!! As a retired family doctor I so wish I had known of it years ago as it undoubtedly couldve helped many people. Recently I developed a lot of trouble with sore cracking skin on my hands- perhaps related to art activities/ use of charcoal and/ or pastel pigments etc. Went through bucket loads of just about every moisturiser/ hand cream known to man and if anything they just seemed to feed the problem! Really made me realise what a totally flawed concept they all are- to say nothing of the sheer waste of money involved - as none of them were particularly cheap items. But regular use of this product has been a revelation! Hesitate to use the word "cure" ( dont think it even exists in a dermatologist's dictionary does it?!!) but my hands are close to 100% better - and I have found I can use the cream a little less often now for "maintenance" !! Shall be reordering though as wouldnt want to be without it now. Strongly recommended.

Dr. Lisa Benest, Board Certified Dermatologist:

Dr. Peter Helton, Board Certified Dermatologist:

By Sarah Kocher
Published 8:27 pm Tuesday, December 18, 2018
According to a local dermatologist, how quickly your skin loses water is a race you want to lose. Dryness is the biggest thing skin deals with during the winter, said Epiphany Dermatology (formerly Zogg Dermatology) dermatologist Brian Zogg. To fight that, a good weapon is not just lotion, but the right lotion, he said. “It’s actually a negative feedback that you’ll get when you use an oil on the skin because your skin sees that there’s plenty of oil there … and so it will make less of it,” Zogg said. Therefore, Zogg recommends a light coat of shielding lotions — like Skin MD Natural or Gloves in a Bottle — which allow the skin to minimize water loss and retain the body’s natural oil. “Your skin will get to a whole higher level of being healthy,” Zogg said. “It’s a true time when homeopathy works — true homeopathy. … Your healthiest skin will be healed with its own natural oils.” Zogg said he noticed his patients could heal better with fewer medications if their skin was using its natural oils to heal itself rather than added oils.

Dr. Elisa Geary, MD
“I used Gloves In A Bottle when in medical practice as a Dermatologist in order to protect my hands from the ravages of frequent hand washing. And I would often recommend it for any patient who worked with dirty or irritating substances. Now I am retired but I have second career as a fine art oil painter. Product now helps keep paint from getting into skin and makes washing so much easier! No fragrance, no parabens, and no greasy feel. Quality medical grade product.

Elise Weinrich Geary grew up in Michigan and took classes at Cranbrook Academy of Art prior to attending Bennington College. Her initial focus on a career in art changed to science, leading to medical school at Medical University of South Carolina and a Dermatology residency at Duke Medical University. She opened a private practice in Durham, NC in 1982.

Megan, an ICU Nurse at NJ Hospital
"My hands have recently been at the point where they are raw and bleeding by the end of the day, because of the extra hand cleansing measures from the Covid crisis here in NJ. " Like so many others, Megan is washing her hands "every 5 minutes" to ensure she protects herself, her patients and her family back home. "Since I have been using this lotion, not only do my hands not bleed anymore, but they're very soft (even at the end of a 12-hour shift), and all the nurses are asking for it." Megan is one of hundreds of nurses that recommend this hand-saving product.

Dr. Wayne Weber, Board Certified OBGYN
"I have been using Gloves In a Bottle since it was first developed. I scrub my hands a lot, which can cause a lot of irritation. I have found that Gloves In a Bottle has helped me a great deal."

Dan Mueller
"In times like these, we have to focus on one thing - and that is supporting those that are saving lives. We are donating up to 5% of our profits in products to those fighting this pandemic because we know how vital it is to protect their hands," says founder, Dan Mueller.

Dr. Peter Helton, A Board-Certified Dermatologist,
has been seeing a marked increase in hand dermatitis secondary to washing. "The breaks in the skin are another avenue that can allow bacteria and viruses into our body. It is essential that we are using a shielding lotion, such as Gloves In A Bottle, to prevent hand rashes and to further protect us against diseases like COVID," says Dr. Helton.

Dr. Weber
Gloves In A Bottle Help Reverse Damage from Over-sanitizing While Keeping Hands Healthy
Now with the Coronavirus arriving in the United States, and cases and deaths increasing every day, the country's medical staff is going to be working harder than ever to keep up with patients.

Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that can help healthcare workers keep their hands healthy during this time.

This is due to the potency of antibacterial gels on the market. Most of these gels contain at least 60% alcohol in order to be effective. Daily use of these can be very damaging to the skin. We as doctors highly recommend the use of shielding or protective hand lotions as an added defense to reverse the damage of over-sanitizing, and keep your hands healthy. Many hospitals and health care workers around the world, particularly in the USA, use a product called Gloves In A Bottle as part of their daily regimen. This product has a unique formula that is designed to enhance your skin's natural defense by creating an invisible shield, like a second skin, explains Dr. Weber.

Yahoo Finance
"Look out for cuts or broken skin and protect them before they get worse. Open or broken skin is an easy access point for bacteria and viruses," recommends Dr. Helton, board-certified dermatologist, "so consider a shielding lotion for this reason."

NY Mag
Until I encountered Gloves in a Bottle. I came across it in a pharmacy frequented by sun-bleached and salt-water-streaked fishermen and scallopers in a New England seaside town (okay, okay, it was Nantucket, but I swear there are actual fishermen there). I was waiting for a prescription when I noticed my hands were especially dry and said to my mother-in-law that I was dying for some lotion. The clerk overheard me, handed me a sample, and just said: Trust me. “You will love it,” he said. “It’s the secret weapon of men and women here, who are plagued by dry skin after years of plunging their hands into the freezing Massachusetts ocean.”

Yahoo Finance
Gloves In A Bottle Help Reverse Damage from Over-sanitizing While Keeping Hands Healthy
How to avoid or repair cracked skin from washing your hands constantly

Yahoo! Life
Gloves in a Bottle is an 'invisible shield for your hands'

The 3 Best Lotions For Frequently Washed Hands

The Times
India Knight has found a hand cream that really soothes dry skin

By Comfy feeton 21 July 2018
I’m highly allergic to most things I touch and my hands have been in a terrible state due to allergic excema. I saw this being discussed on a tv programme and decided to try it. I used it along with another cream for “working hands “ and my hands have never been better. No sores, hacks or flaking bleeding skin. Brilliant

By California-Girlon October 14, 2018
This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I have autoimmune disease and my skin is very dry. This is the best lotion I've used. I like the fact that it isn't thick and is easy to apply. I use it daily and it keeps my skin very smooth and hydrated. It also has a very slight pleasant fragrance when you first apply it. I'm generally fragrance sensitive, but I don't mind it at all.

i thought this was just going to be another hand cream to toss in my bag, use up, and never bother rebuying again. I'm extremely hard on my hands and willing to give anything a try to salvage them but rarely is anything worth buying again.

i tried a sample bottle at plant nursery, went and spent five hours gardening without gloves on and at the end of the day my hands weren't any worse than when i started and they came completely clean without having to strip and abrade them using a harsh scrub brush. i immediately bought a two ounce bottle that has lasted over a month because this product does not require frequent application. i apply it MAYBE 3 times a day, frequently only twice. it takes very, very little product. this isn't the kind of thing you slather on and then have to wait an hour for it to soak in. you apply a tiny but and coat hands, it dries almost immediately. if it leaves your hands greasy you're probably using too much.

despite my mentioning that i don't bother wearing gloves after this it's NOT a substitute for gloves against physical, mechanical, or chemical irritants. it coats your hands to preserve their natural oils and moisture and to allow easier hand washing and removal of products used during the day that have clung to your skin like dirt, spray paint, etc. used correctly and with the expectations that the description of the product outlines it's fantastic.

Wanted to give you a quick update on @glovesinabottleuk.... I've been using it for 4 days, I can't believe how much its improved... I am using a teeny bit probably every 2to 3 hours, and I have still been using OTC hydrocortisone cream, but today the horrendous itching has stopped and I wasn't woken in the night due to scratching and making it sore! 3rd pic is what it looks like right now.. The redness has gone and it's getting so much better! Ps this is not an AD or Aff... I'm just someone who was desperate to get relief from horrible eczema... #giab #glovesinabottle#eczema #eczemarelief #dermatitis #allergy #amazed #sopleased #working #recommend#positivepants

One reviewer writes:
"As a Registered Nurse, I have been using Gloves in a bottle for years. My hands are in gloves and being washed at least 50 times a day. Gloves in a bottle protects my hands from dryness and chapping."

Ms. Jeanette Sloan·6 February 2020
This is the best product for hands i have ever bought
i had such a bad infection in my fingers and skin from wearing acrylic and false nails
the pharmacist said that they would have to be treated with antibiotics
but after 4 days of using this cream the infection has gone and my skin has returned to normal. My colleagues have even purchased the pump bottles of this

Arun Muthupalaniappan
Due to the flu season, I have been washing my hands a lot causing my hands to be very dry. "Gloves in a bottle" has helped my hands to stay moisturized for at least 4 hours! Love it!

Amazon Customer
I wash/sanitize my hands a dozen times throughout the day and this makes my hands so dry that they burn and crack. I have tried every lotion there is. This lotion (gloves in a bottle) is the lotion I’ve been searching for! It doesn’t burn, my hands don’t look like I have scales anymore, and my hands soaked it right up without leaving a greasy feeling. Love it!

Amazon Customer
This is a godsend right now. I'm following all the recommendations to wash, wash, wash to prevent the spread of flu and coronovirus, but that plus the cold weather has resulted in severe dryness and cracking. Really painful. This lotion works really well, though. I first saw it at CVS - the pharmacy had a bottle next to their hand sanitizer, I used it, and was hooked. Definitely give this a try if you're suffering from dryness.

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